Compensation for Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers

Compensation is a complex, emotionally charged topic. Intentionate’s consultants have successfully advised clients on hundreds of compensation arrangements and can apply that experience to the specific issues you face.

We have helped clients:

Design new provider compensation models or improve upon existing ones.

Evaluate the fair market value (FMV) and commercial reasonableness (CR) of hospital-physician arrangements, or review an FMV/CR opinion issued by another appraiser.

Create or enhance policies, procedures, and tools around provider compensation to ensure compliance while reducing administrative burden.

Manage provider compensation models on an outsourced basis.

Understand and negotiate the business terms of an employment, professional services, or other agreement.

Triage hospital-physician arrangements by level of risk, during a transaction or in the normal course of business.

Go beyond publicly available data for valuable insight into what other organizations pay for certain provider services.

Develop an optimal hospital-physician alignment strategy and implementation plan.

Learn more about the impact of provider compensation trends via remote or on-site educational sessions.