Most physicians are now paid, at least in part, based on their personal productivity. Many medical groups, seeking to align physicians’ incentives to see more patients and do more procedures in a system dominated by fee-for-service reimbursement, pay physicians for their clinical services using some variation on the following formula: Clinical compensation = (National median compensation per wRVU benchmark) × (Personally performed wRVUs) + (Compensation for meeting specified clinical quality targets). There is a fundamental flaw in the model: General benchmark data cannot, by definition, reflect the reality of any organization’s unique situation. In relying solely on such data, an organization effectively relinquishes control of one of its largest expenses and may be risking budgets and relationships with physicians, especially in times of great uncertainty.

Stu Schaff, an expert in physician compensation and physician engagement, will show you how to resolve this flaw within your own practice using real-life scenarios, with specific ways that participants can implement better contracting, oversight and communication to improve physician alignment.

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