Stu is thrilled to share his presentations from the TMGMA 2023 Fall Conference with you, which he believes will spark meaningful change for medical practices. So, grab a comfy seat, a cup of coffee, and dive into the videos below. Should any thoughts or questions bubble up, Stu is just an email away at and would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share with your colleagues as well.

Get to know Stu

Stu Schaff is an expert in physician compensation and physician engagement. For over 15 years, he has worked closely with the leadership of more than 100 healthcare organizations across the United States, like Dignity Health and Trinity Health, to develop truly impactful physician compensation strategies and plans.

Stu is the founder of Intentionate Healthcare Advisors. He previously served on the management team of a large AMC-affiliated medical group, consulted for national healthcare consulting firms, and led implementations of financial planning and budgeting software for hospitals and health systems.

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Presentation 1: “What’s My Job, Really? Setting Clear Expectations for Docs”


For most physicians, the job description is usually little more than “Be a good doctor.” This lack of clear expectations is a major but often overlooked contributor to physician burnout. Then collections, WRVUs, overhead expenses, and other aspects of the job come into play and the relationships between physicians and administrators turns adversarial. Unlike the systemic issues mentioned above, individual medical practices can do something about this.

Stu Schaff shows how practices can establish clear expectations for physicians, using examples from actual academic and community-based practices. He also demonstrates how to communicate those expectations, regularly reinforce them, and effectively hold physicians accountable to them, with the goal of improving morale and engagement.

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Presentation 2: “Take Control of Your Practice’s Physician Pay—Everyone Wins”


Personal productivity and national benchmarks have become two common features of physician compensation formulas, but their implementation often overlooks the unique circumstances of each organization. Stu Schaff delves into resolving this issue, showcasing real-life scenarios and strategies to improve contracting, oversight, and communication for better outcomes.

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Let’s Connect

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